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A list of today's most popular hobbies.

Metal detecting

Metal detecting as a hobby.

  Metal detecting terminology.
  Quality and cheap metal detectors: Bounty Hunter Tracker, Garrett ACE 150, Bounty Hunter Junior, Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker.

Hobby electronics Electronics

  Ham radio basics and the Morse code.

  Learn how to read resistor color codes and practice with our resistor color code calculator.

  SMD resistor code calculator - find out the value of any SMD resistor marked with 4, 5 digit and EIA-96 code.

  LED series current limiting resistor calculator - calculates the value of the current limiting series resistor when driving a single or an array of low-current LEDs.

  A short tutorial on how to test semiconductors with digital and analog multimeters.

  Simple hobby projects:
  Interfacing computer microphones to sound cards.
  The 3 main types of metal detectors used today - short theory and example circuits.
  Wireless microphone schematic diagram.
  Candle light simulator circuit with only 4 transistors.
  Fluid level control schematics with LM1830 fluid level detector circuit.
  A Class D 170w power amplifier schematic diagram with LM4652 for car boosters and self-powered speakers.
  Switching regulator schematics: step-down (buck) regulator with LM2576, step-up (boost) and flyback regulator with LM2577.

  Hobby electronic kits: PWM DC motor speed control, step-by-step motor driver kit, AC motor speed control, high power LED strobe, electronic dice kit, LED blinking eyes kit, stereo headphone amplifier, 20W Class-D amplifier, 7W audio amplifier kit.

Schematic diagrams of popular metal detectors, guitar effects, etc.


Visit our Guitar section Guitar playing

  How to tune a guitar
  The most used guitar chords and a comprehensive guitar chord database with midi audio samples from the simple C chord to slash chords and power chords:

A Chords: A, Am, A7...
B Chords: B, Bm, B7...
C Chords: C, Cm, C7...
D Chords: D, Dm, D7...
E Chords: E, Em, E7...
F Chords: F, Fm, F7...
G Chords: G, Gm, G7...
C#-Db chords: C# (Db), C#m (Dbm), C#7 (Db7)...
D#-Eb chords: Eb (D#), Ebm (D#m), Eb7 (D#7)...
F#-Gb chords: F# (Gb), F#m (Gbm), F#7 (Gb7)...
G#-Ab chords: Ab (G#), Abm (G#m), Ab7 (G#7)...
A#-Bb chords: Bb (A#), Bbm (A#m), Bb7 (A#7)...
Power chords: C5, D5, F5...
Slash chords: C/G, D/E, A/F...

  Guitar effects - or how to make your guitar sound like your favorite guitarist.
  Chorus and delay pedals with examples of commercial units still in production.

  Famous guitar brands - Fender Stratocaster guitars and Telecaster guitars.
  Tips for buying a guitar.

RC RC models

Playing with remote control models is a wide spread recreational activity for kids and adults alike. RC cars, airplanes, boats provide a massive amount of thrill and entertainment.

If you are looking to delve into a fun and rewarding hobby, RC might be just what you are looking for.

Sport Fishing Sport fishing

  Sport fishing regulations in England
  Recreational fishing regulations in Australia
  The best sport fishing magazines.

Home improvement

Air conditioners: Set up instructions and code lists for OFA, AnyCommand, AirconOff, Nedis, Wellclima Smart and Double, Wellclima Plus, and other similar A/C universal remotes.

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