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RC model helicopter

Radio control model helicopters

The remote controlled helicopter is one of the most fascinating craft of the RC hobby world. But, not too long ago this toy also carried an extremely heavy price tag and required many hours of regular maintenance.
Flying a RC helicopter required countless hours of practice and a good amount of patience. The good news is, all that is about to change. With the introduction of electric helicopters, flying these crafts are not as far-fetched as they used to be.

Today, electric helicopters almost always cost less than a couple of hundred dollars with cheaper and better versions coming out regularly. Most of the helicopters come "ready to fly" (RTF) right out of the box. In addition to that, every necessary equipment and accessories often come included as well. Finally, by using batteries, the running cost of these helicopters is greatly reduced too.

The problem of pollution, size and noise is almost entirely eliminated with the electric models. Electric helicopters are also generally easier to fly than gas models, making them ideal for beginners. Newer versions are so small that even flying in the bedroom is possible!

Maintenance used to be one of the biggest hurdles for anyone wanting to start flying RC helicopters. Thankfully, today's modern models tremendously decreased the amount of repairs required, surviving most types of crashes without any problems. Repairs can usually be made with just the bare hands or with only one screwdriver, if they need repairing at all.

Of all the remote control models available, RC helicopters are perheaps the most exciting crafts, but also, the hardest to master. Hovewer, with the advent and advances of today's RC flight simulators, the learning curve have decreased. New hobbyists can literally crash as often as they want until they can eventually keep their helicopter in the air.