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Garrett ACE 150

Garrett ACE 150 metal detector

Featuring excellent depth, accurate target ID and discrimination, the new Ace 150 metal detector is well ahead of the competition. This rugged machine exhibits every trait of a quality device: it's easy to use, offers high performance handling without complex settings and adjustments with intuitive controls that make treasure hunting fun, easy and very rewarding.

No other detector will give you these Garrett quality features like the Graphic Target ID Cursor, Coin Depth Indicator Sensitivity, Depth Adjustment, Tone ID Clear Tone Speaker, Interchangeable Ace Series Search Coils.

Equipped with a large LCD display, Low Battery Indicator and with microprocessor controlled push button controls with touch-n-go operation the ACE150 is right on the money when it comes to cost!

ACE 150 Features:

The ACE 150 is designed with Garrett's exclusive Graphic Target ID technology, which indicates the probable identification of a target along a horizontal scale that reads from low conductive metals like iron on the left to high conductive metals like U.S. coins on the right.

  • Mode - Indicates which detection mode is selected by highlighting the corresponding word on the LCD screen.
  • Target ID Legend - Located directly above the LCD screen and indicates commonly found targets and metals. When a target is detected, the Target ID cursor will appear below the word that most likely indicates the type of target found (based on its conductivity).
  • Upper Scale - The Upper Scale, where the Target ID cursor is illuminated when a target is detected, consisting of 5 graphical segments.
  • Target ID Cursor - The Target ID cursor is illuminated in the Upper Scale and indicates the probable identity of a detected target.
  • Lower Scale - The lower horizontal scale (the Notch Discrimination Scale), indicates the discrimination pattern where the detector will or will not produce an audible signal when a target is located. This scale changes when switching between different detection modes. No audible signal will be produced when a target is located where a notch is present.
  • Coin Depth - The depth of a coin, or similar sized target, will be shown on the LCD screen. Depth is indicated when the LCD scale is illuminated at 2", 4" or 6+ inches. Sweep over the target with the search coil 1" from the soil to get the most accurate reading. Targets larger than a coin may display shallower than actual depth, while targets smaller than a coin may display deeper than actual depth.
  • Low Battery Indicator - When the unit's batteries become weak, the Low Battery Indicator will turn on. For best performance, replace the old batteries with quality alkaline AA batteries. Rechargeable batteries may be used, but will have a shorter life per charge. You can expect 20 to 40 hours of operation depending on battery type. Access and replace the batteries by gently sliding the cover off the control housing.
  • Headphone Jack - ACE sport phones with 1/4" plug can be inserted into the jack found on the reverse side of the Control housing.
  • Tone ID - The Tone ID feature produces distinct audible tones based on a target's conductivity: high conductivity targets (such as U.S. coins) produce a unique bell tone signal, medium conductivity targets such as jewelry or nickels, produce a standard-pitched audio signal and low conductivity targets such as iron or nails produce a low-pitch audio signal.

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