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Cheap Metal Detectors

Quality stuff doesn't have to cost a fortune!

There are many different metal detectors, some are cheaper, with reduced sensibility, less features and buttons but the most important thing is, that quality metal detectors can be bought for a reasonable price. Almost all commercial detectors are easy to use; you can turn it on and off you go! The more complicated the detector, the more practice you will need.

Whether you are treasure hunting for fun or a professional, more experienced prospector, the following quality products can help you find that hidden treasure.

Bounty Hunter Tracker IV

Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal detector Bounty Hunter's Tracker IV detector offers the excitement and profit of metal detecting at a low accessible price, making it ideal for those just getting started. Featuring a fully submersible, 8 inch Bounty D-Tech waterproof search coil, with 3 different operating modes helps spend a quality time metal detecting.

Detects coin-size objects up to 7" deep and larger objects up to 3 ft. It has a full discrimination mode that rejects iron and other trash items, and a helpful tone discrimination alerting you with different audio pitches for all types of metals.

The Tracker IV does not have a built-in the LCD that many of Bounty Hunter's other models have, but features instead a large Sensitivity Meter. This detector has another great mode - Ground Trac - a feature that automatically balances the machine to the soil conditions. The Tracker IV runs off of two 9-volt alkaline batteries and boasts a 5 year limited warranty.

Detail view - Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal detector The Tracker IV will work in extreme ground conditions, ranging from salt for beach hunting to black sand for gold prospecting, with no operator adjustments to the circuitry and with no loss of sensitivity.

Important note: The Tracker IV is a "motion metal detector". This means that the search coil must be moving to detect the presence of metal. When practicing with a stationary metal detector, you must keep the target moving over the coil. Objects held still under the search coil will not be detected!

The Tracker IV Automatic Ground Track feature allows operation in virtually all soil conditions, regardless of mineral content. Use it effectively on the beach or for gold prospecting. In the All Metal Mode, the Tracker IV will detect gold nuggets through black sand and will find deeply buried relics in all types of soil. For maximum performance, operate the unit with the sensitivity as high as possible. The sensitivity can generally be set higher when operating in Full Discriminate or Tone Discriminate modes.

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