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Bounty Hunter Junior

Quality metal detectors don't have to cost a fortune!

Bounty Hunter junior metal detector Ideal for those just getting started, this metal detector offers the excitement and profit of metal detecting at a low, accessible price. Detects coin-sized objects up to five inches deep and larger objects up to three feet deep, this unit's target indicator meter measures the signal strength with the signal increasing as targets get closer, helping to determine the approximate depth.

The metal detector features discrimination control eliminating iron and most unwanted items. Lightweight, ergonomic, with easy handling and comfortable use, the Bounty Hunter Junior is an ideal metal-detecting device for people of all ages. A battery tester is included. The unit measures approximately 10 by 9 by 57 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty. Includes speaker, low-battery indicator, 6" weather-resistant coil.

Use this detector outdoors only, because large metal objects inside the home may interfere with the detector's operation. Floors and walls of most homes contain metal. Microwave ovens, televisions, and some light fixtures can emit electromagnetic energy. If conducting an indoor demonstration, hold search coil off the ground and wave coins over search coil.

Bring a young explorer into the world of metal detecting with this quality and cheap metal detector!

Operating instructions:
Sweep the search coil from side to side, in slow, overlapping motions, keeping it parallel to the ground. Hold the search coil 1/2" off the ground and try not to make contact with it.

Try not to lift the search coil at the end of your sweeps. This may be difficult, but the closer the search coil is to the ground throughout the sweep, the more likely you are to find buried metal objects. Keep the left knob in the maximum sensitivity setting, if possible. Click the right knob on and start searching with it in the fully counter-clockwise position.

You may want to move the right knob during your treasure hunt, depending on what you want to find: if you start searching with the right knob to the left, you will detect all types of metal objects. If you find that you are in a bad area and wish to eliminate unwanted objects from detection, sweep the search coil over an undesirable object while turning the knob. Find the knob setting at which certain types of metals are eliminated, and adjust your settings accordingly.

Note: Be aware that some desirable objects, like gold or nickels are eliminated from detection in the middle of the range. Gold rings have a metallic signature similar to pull-tabs and nickels have a metallic signature similar to some newer pull tabs. It requires practice and patience to understand what types of objects are eliminated at each setting.

Accurate pinpointing takes practice and is best accomplished by marking the suspected target area: once a buried target is identified by a good tone response, continue sweeping the coil over the target in a narrowing side to side pattern. Take visual note of the place on the ground where the beep occurs as you move the coil slowly from side to side. You must stop the coil directly over this spot on the ground, and move the coil straight forward and straight back towards you a few times. If needed, mark the target at different angles to "zero in" on the exact spot on the ground at which the "beep" occurs. The detector will beep just as the search coil passes over the buried object. If you have difficulty pinpointing very strong signals, try lifting the coil higher off the ground until a weaker, but more concise, signal is heard; for very weak signals, try moving the coil in short quick sweeps, closer to the ground.

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