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Good resources for hobby and professional guitarists on the Web:

Guitar chords - more than 2000 guitar chords, divided into two groups: normal and split chords. Also presents standard and exotic guitar scales for lefthanded guitar. - Interactive guitar chords resource. You can easily find and hear chords on a realistic virtual guitar, use a capo or save your chords. - A good resource for finding guitar chords with an easy to read graphical interface. All guitar chords available as MIDI-files.​index_db.html - Finger settings for more then 1,000 guitar chords. You can also print out your own selection of chords.

Tutorials - A collection of guitar tutorials both for beginner and advanced guitar players.​tutorials.html - Free guitar tutorials, tabs for acoustic folk guitar. - Beginner and advanced guitar lessons, tablature and lyric resources, forum, and links to guitar resources. - free guitar lessons, interviews, tablature, career advice, songwriting pointers and much more.

Forums - a wide variety of guitar and guitar related discussions covering equipment, recording, tablature...​index.php - The Acoustic Guitar Forum - A forum for acoustic guitar enthusiasts. - A good guitar forum on playing techniques, music theory gear reviews and more.

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