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The best internet resources for the electronic hobbyist are presented here. Whether you want to learn electronics as a hobby, or just want to brush up on a few points, the following sites are great places to start.

Circuit diagrams

www.discovercircuits.com - With more than 28,000 electronic schematics cross-referenced into 500+ categories, the site is a good resource for engineers, hobbyists, inventors and will help you find quick solutions to electronic design problems.

www.aaroncake.net/circuits/ - A collection of electronic circuits divided into categories such as power supplies, auto, computer, light/laser, power supply, sound and more.

www.sentex.ca/~mec1995/circ/circuits.htm - Electronics projects, schematics for the Hobbyist: high voltage, FM transmitters, battery testers, chargers and many more.

www.epanorama.net/circuits/ - Various electronic circuits designed by Tomi Engdahl: audio, video, computer, data communication, light effects and controllers, measuring equipment, power supplies, telephone circuits...

Electronics tutorials

www.electronics-tutorials.com - Ian Purdie's electronics tutorials for the beginner and experienced ham radio enthusiast, covering nearly every conceivable subject of RF design and construction.

electronics.howstuffworks.com - Introductions to a variety of electronics technology applications, with simple explanations on the inner workings of popular electronics items like iPods, home theaters, and other gadgets.

www.allaboutcircuits.com - provides a series of lessons written by Tony R. Kuphaldt covering electricity and electronics, great for both students and hobbyists who are looking to expand their knowledge in this fascinating science.

TV, radio and other consumer electronics repair tips

www.repairfaq.org/sam/ - A good site for the DIY type amateur with in-depth explanations on the troubleshooting and repair of consumer electronic equipment and other household devices. Detailed diagnostic and repair procedures are provided for TVs, VCRs, CD players, microwave ovens, computer monitors, lawn mowers and more.

www.eliztech.com/remotes/codelists/ - If you regularly have to set up universal remotes for clients, you'll find this page very helpful. The searchable database covers only a few popular remote controls, but you'll probably find a working code for 99% of them, as only a handful of code variants are used by the majority of remote manufacturers.

www.eserviceinfo.com - An excellent site with a large database of service manuals, datasheets and schematics diagrams, useful for all professionals and hobbyists interested in the field of electronic repairs.

Component manufacturers

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