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F5(p) guitar chord
Play note F on chord 6 (1st fret)Play note C on chord 5 (3rd fret)Play note F on chord 4 (3rd fret)You must leave out the third guitar stringYou must leave out the second guitar stringYou must leave out the first guitar string
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Play the F5 power chord
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F5 Power Chord

String Note Finger Fret nr. Option.
6F 1 1st fretfr.  
5C 3 3rd fretfr.  
4F 4 3rd fretfr. optionalopt.

F5 power chord's notes: F, C and F. Only the 6th, 5th and 4th strings can be played. The note F on string four is optional.

Power chords are used extensively in all forms of rock music, and they sound the best when played on electric guitars with heavy distortion.

F5 (perfect fifth interval) power chord's alternative names: F(no 3rd), F(no3).

Steps: 1-5.
1(F), 5(C).