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Bbadd9 guitar chord
You must leave out the sixth guitar stringPlay note Bb on chord 5 (1st fret)Play note F on chord 4 (3rd fret)Play note C on chord 3 (5th fret)Play note D on chord 2 (3rd fret)Play note F on chord 1 (1st fret)
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Play the Bbadd9 guitar chord
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Bbadd9 Chord

String Note Finger Fret nr. Option.
5Bb 1 1st fretfr.  
4F 2 3rd fretfr.  
3C 4 5th fretfr.  
2D 3 3rd fretfr.  
1F 1 1st fretfr.  

Chord Bbadd9 notes: Bb, F, C, D and F. You should not play the 6th string.

This chord is played by placing a barre on fret one with your index finger.

The Bbadd9 (Bb major added 9th) guitar chord is sometimes referred to as Bbadd2, depending on the position of the added note and often incorrectly noted as Bb2.

Steps: 1-3-5-9.
1(A#/Bb), 3(D), 5(F), 9(C).