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Adim7 (4.fret) guitar chord
Play note A on chord 6 (5th fret)Play note Eb on chord 5 (6th fret)Play note F sharp on chord 4 (4th fret)Play note C on chord 3 (5th fret)You must leave out the second guitar stringYou must leave out the first guitar string
Play chord Adim7 (4.fret) note by notePlay chord Adim7 (4.fret)
Play the Adim7 guitar chord - fret 4
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Adim7 Chord - fret 4

String Note Finger Fret nr. Option.
6A 2 5th fretfr.  
5Eb 4 6th fretfr.  
4F# 1 4th fretfr.  
3C 3 5th fretfr.  

Guitar chords in the key of A:

Chord Adim7 (4th fret) notes: A, Eb, F# and C. You must leave out the 2nd and 1st strings.

Adim7 - A diminished seventh guitar chord's alternative names: A°, A°7, Ao7, A7dim. See also: Adim and Am7b5.

Steps: 1-b3-b5-6(or bb7).
1(A), b3(C), b5(D#/Eb), 6(F#/Gb).