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Sport fishing regulations in Australia

Freshwater Angling in Western Australia

You must purcase a recreational fishing licence from the Department of Fisheries.You can obtain an application form from any Department of Fisheries Office or online.

Licences and fees: for Rock Lobster $32.00, Abalone $38.00, Marron $22.00, Freshwater Angling $22.00, Net fishing (gill, haul, throw) $27.00 or all of the above for $75.00 . All pricing is in Australian Dollars.

Persons under the age of 16 years and some categories of people can obtain a recreational fishing licence for only one half of the fee. An Aboriginal person is not required to hold a recreational fishing licence to the extent that the person takes fish from any waters in accordance with continuing Aboriginal tradition if the fish are taken for the purposes of the person or his or her family and not for a commercial purpose. Recreational licences are not required for prawning, crabbing or saltwater angling, however gear restrictions, bag limits, size limits and seasons may still apply.

Bag and Size Limits for freshwater angling:

For Rainbow and Brown Trout the daily combined limit of 4 bags and the minimum legal size limit is 30 cm. At Logue Brook Dam and Waroona Dam the daily bag limit for trout is two per angler, only artificial lures to be used and no line fishing is permitted during the closed trout season (May 1 - August 31).

For the Freshwater Cobbler the daily bag limit of 40 per fisher. For Redfin Perch there is no size limit or daily bag limit. If caught, Redfin Perch should not be returned to the water.

Open and closed seasons apply to trout only, generally starting on 1 September and ending on the 30 of April. A closed season for spawning applies to all streams and tributaries of major rivers, and some major waters where trout breed. However, some waters are open all year round like Serpentine River, Murray River, Blackwood River, Donnelly River and Warren River.

For more info visit Department of Fisheries WA.

Recreational fishing fees in New South Wales

You're required to pay the Recreational Fishing Fee and have receipt for payment in your possession, when you're fishing in NSW waters, both freshwater and saltwater. This also applies for hand gathering, spear fishing, hand lining, trapping and bait collection and prawn netting or when in possession of fishing gear when you are adjacent to waters.

The fee is $6 for 3 days , $12 for one month, $30 a year or $75 for three years. A 50% concession applies to people who only fish in the tidal waters of the Tweed River and the adjacent beach areas. If you have a valid freshwater licence, you can use it to fish in all waters, including saltwater. If you're planning to fish from a charter boat or go with a fishing guide, and the operator has paid the annual fee, you may not need to pay your own fishing fee receipt.

Freshwater Bag and Size Limits, closed seasons:

  • Australian bass and estuary perch: No size limit, 2 streams or 2 bags, only 1 fish over 35 cm.
  • Catfish Tandan or Eel-tail in other waters then Murray and Murrumbidgee Rivers: 30cm, 2 streams or 5 dams.
  • Eels: 30 cm, no bag limits.
  • Golden Perch: 30cm, 5 bags.
  • Murray Cod: 50cm, 2 bags but only one fish over 100 cm is allowed. Season is closed for September, October and November.
  • Silver Perch: 25cm, 5 bags in stocked impoundments only. Banned in streams.
  • Murray Crayfish: 9cm, only 1 fish over 12cm. Banned in notified trout waters, Sept to April is closed season. It is prohibited to keep any species of crayfish with eggs or to remove those eggs.
  • Yabbies: no size limit, Max. 200 in total possession limit.
  • Trout in spawning streams: 50cm, 1 bag/day; in blue ribbon streams: 25cm, 2bags; in catch and release streams 25cm, catch and release only; in general trout streams: 25cm 5bags; general trout dams: 25cm, 10bags; in trophy trout dams: 25cm, 2bags; in Lake Eucumbene/Jindabyne: 25cm, 5bags, and in all other waters 25cm size limit and 10 bags.

For more info visit Fishing and aquaculture, NSW Department of Primary Industries.

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Note: page last updated: December 15, 2006