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Audio Power Amplifier with TDA2003

TDA2003 IC

TDA2003 has improved performance with the same pin configuration as the TDA 2002. The features of TDA 2002 - very low number of external components, ease of assembly, space and cost saving - are maintained.

The device provides a high output current capability (max. 3.5A), very low harmonic and cross-over distortion. A completely safe operation is guaranteed due to protection against DC and AC short circuit between all pins and ground, thermal over-range, load dump voltage surge up to 40V and fortuitous open ground.

VS - Peak supply voltage (50ms): 40 V
VS - Operating supply voltage: 18 V
IO - Output peak current (repetitive): 3.5 A
Ptot - Power dissipation at Tcase = 90°C: 20 W
Tstg,Tj - Storage and junction temp.: -40 to 150°C

Audio amplifier schematic with TDA2003

10w Audio Amplifier with TDA2003

Fig 1: TDA2003 - 10W Audio Amplifier

Rx = 20 X R2; Cx = 1/ (2pi X B x R1); Vs = 15v

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