DOD FX65 chorus pedal schematic

Schematic diagram of DOD FX65 chorus pedal
Fig. 1: DOD FX65 chorus guitar pedal schematic diagram
DOD FX65 chorus pedal boards
Fig. 2: FX65 circuit boards (from '87 and '88)
DOD FX65 chorus pedal picture


- 3 Control Knobs: Speed, Delay Time and Depth
- Connectors: Input, Output (stereo), AC Adaptor
- Input Impedance: 500 kOhms
- Output Impedance: 1 kOhm (5 kOhms for earlier models)
- Delay time range: 5-8 milliseconds (2-6ms for earlier models)
- Sweep speed: .8 to 8Hz (.2 to 6Hz for earlier models)
- Bandwidth: 40Hz to 16kHz
- Power supply: one 9 Volt battery or DOD PS 3 A.C. adapter
- Weight: 550 grams (1.2 lbs.)
- Dimensions: 5" X 3" X 2 1/4" (126mm X 77mm X 57mm)

The circuit is designed around the MN3007 1024 BBD / MN3101 clock driver and uses four additional ICs: TL022, TL062, 1458/358 and a 4007.

The DOD FX65's circuit has gone through many revisions. Some older pedals have a second LED on the circuit board (probably as a low-noise substitute for a regular diode) and two trim pots.


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