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Schematic diagrams

This is a collection of various useful and interesting schematics. Some are our own designs while others are collected from service manuals freely available on the internet or reverse engineered from commercial equipment (traced from various schematics or actual hardware). Please keep in mind that there may be errors in the interpretation, analysis, or voltage, current, component values listed. They are provided only as an aid in repair work or as a guide for your own designs.

Metal detectors

Guitar effects

While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information, there is no guarantee that the circuit descriptions and diagrams are entirely correct.

Please note: not all circuits are allowed to be used for commercial purposes without the written authorization of the owner of the design.

We do not supply electronic components or kits. If you're looking to build something fast, we have a section with reviews for a collection of inexpensive kits sold on Amazon.

Safety Considerations

Before thinking about experimenting with anything using or producing high voltages or connected to the AC line, take note that some of the circuits use voltages at power levels that are potentially lethal. Normally, these devices are safely enclosed in a cabinet to prevent accidental contact. However, when troubleshooting, repairing, testing, making adjustments, the appliances will likely be open and/or safety interlocks may be defeated. A circuit that looks innocent can really ruin your entire day (or worse)!

Disclaimer: The schematics, repair tips or circuit descriptions are provided without any express or implied warranties. We take no responsibility whatsoever for the use and/or implementation thereof, or the misuse leading to damage to equipment, property, or life, caused by the above circuits. Play it safe!