LED circuit schematic diagram
Supply voltage: V
LED current: mA
Color, Voltage drop: V
Number of LEDs:
Resistor precision:
10%   5%   2%   1%  
Nearest lower and higher 5% resistors:
Resistor color code Value LED current
8.2Ω 5% resistor lower:
20.12 mA
9.1Ω 5% resistor higher:
18.13 mA
Calculated resistance:8.25Ω
Nearest lower 5% resistor:8.2Ω*
Nearest higher 5% resistor:9.1Ω
Power dissipated by the resistor:1.32 W
Recommended resistor Wattage:3 W
Power consumed by the LEDs (PLED):840 mW
Total power consumption (PTotal):2.16 W
Efficiency (PLED/PTotal) x 100 :38.89 %
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