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LED Blinky Eyes Kit - BE66

by Ramsey Electronics

LED blinking eyes animated display kit

This superb kit will dazzle you and delight your friends -- it's a perfect attention-getter.

The irises are made up of 22 yellow LEDs and the rest of the eyes are composed of 44 orange LEDs. The eyes can be configured to look like they are blinking or winking, or display all kinds of other funky patterns like twirling pinwheels and flashing dots. The patterns constantly change and there are 4 modes to select.

The kit uses a Motorola 68HRC908 preprogrammed microcontroller. This smart chip generates all the instructions that tell the display chip how to create the tricky patterns that you see.

The display chip is the MAX7219CNG -- a specialty part designed to drive 7-segment displays.

There is an output to drive an optional small motor so when the eyes are winking and blinking, a motor will buzz intermittently to generate noise or to signal an external player to make a scary sound :)

Parts list:

  • R21: 100 ohm resistor
  • R4, R5: 220 ohm resistors
  • R3, R9: 1K ohm resistors
  • R1: 4.7Kohm resistor
  • R7, R8, R10: 10Kohm resistors
  • C2, C8: 10uF electrolytic capacitors
  • C3, C5, C6, C7: 10nF ceramic disk
  • C4: 10pF ceramic disk capacitor
  • C1: 1000uF electrolytic capacitor
  • U2: MC68HRC908JK3CP microcontroller
  • D17, D68: 1N4002 diodes
  • VR1: 7805 voltage regulator
  • U1: MAX7219CNG 8 digit display drive
  • Q1: BS170 power MOSFET
  • CDS1: CDS photocell
  • 22 yellow super bright LEDs
  • 44 orange super bright LEDs
  • 20 pin IC socket for U2
  • J1: power jack
  • J2: 3 pin jumper block headers
  • J3: 2 pin jumper block headers
  • Jumper blocks
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