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Electronic kits

A good kit will accelerate your practical know-how in electronics whether you are an electronics enthusiast, a student, a teacher, hobbyist or even an electronics engineer.

We selected a few easy-to-build electronic projects for you to try. All the kits we reviewed here can be purchased from Amazon. Every project detail page will include a short review, a small assembled project picture and a parts list to have an idea of the project before buying it.

This page will be updated from time to time with new kits, so remember to check back here occasionally.

Motor speed control kits:

Power audio amplifiers:

Circuits with LEDs:


Building an electronics project normally starts with the strong enthusiasm in the project, selecting a good schematic, making printed circuit board design, etching the board, buying the components, software programming (if a microcontroller is involved) and building prototypes.

You can skip all the steps above by building a hobby kit! You don't have to make a circuit board from scratch or hunt down the components from different manufacturers. The kits will have all the components you'll need for the project, will be shipped with a manual with helpful instructions and often a comprehensive explanation of the theory behind the circuit.

You will only need to buy a few inches of rosin core solder and a few basic tools like a soldering iron, needle nose pliers, a small diagonal cutter and a digital or analog multimeter.