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Resistor color code examples

E12 series resistors

In the E12 series each succeeding resistor falls within the -/+ 10 % of the previous value. Until fairly recently, 10% tolerance resistors were the norm, but today, 5% (E24) resistors seem to be the most commonly used. They still can be found in vintage radios, old amplifiers, etc., but the price of a 5% resistor is low enough to be the standard component in all of today's electronic circuits.

In precision applications, special, more expensive low-tolerance resistors are used with tolerance ratings of 2%, 1% or less.

Common values for E12, 10% series resistors:

.1Ω, .12Ω, .15Ω, .18Ω, .22Ω, .27Ω, .33Ω, .39Ω, .47Ω, .56Ω, .68Ω, .82Ω - 0.1Ω to 0.82Ω...

1Ω, 1.2Ω, 1.5Ω, 1.8Ω, 2.2Ω, 2.7Ω, 3.3Ω, 3.9Ω, 4.7Ω, 5.6Ω, 6.8Ω, 8.2Ω - 1ohm to 8.2ohm...

10Ω, 12Ω, 15Ω, 18Ω, 22Ω, 27Ω, 33Ω, 39Ω, 47Ω, 56Ω, 68Ω, 82Ω - 10ohm to 82ohm...

100Ω, 120Ω, 150Ω, 180Ω, 220Ω, 270Ω, 330Ω, 390Ω, 470Ω, 560Ω, 680Ω, 820Ω- 100Ω-820Ω

1k, 1.2k, 1.5k, 1.8k, 2.2k, 2.7k, 3.3k, 3.9k, 4.7k, 5.6k, 6.8k, 8.2k - 1k to 8.2k resistors...

10k, 12k, 15k, 18k, 22k, 27k, 33k, 39k, 47k, 56k, 68k, 82k - 10k to 82k resistors...

100k, 120k, 150k, 180k, 220k, 270k, 330k, 390k, 470k, 560k, 680k, 820k - 100k to 820k...

1M, 1.2M, 1.5M, 1.8M, 2.2M, 2.7M, 3.3M, 3.9M, 4.7M, 5.6M, 6.8M, 8.2M - 1M to 8.2M...

10M, 12M, 15M, 18M, 22M, 27M, 33M, 39M, 47M, 56M, 68M, 82M

100M, 120M, 150M, 180M, 220M, 270M, 330M, 390M, 470M, 560M, 680M, 820M

0.1 ohm resistor Brown, black, silver, silver
0.1 ohm resistor (10%)
0.22 ohm resistor Red, red, silver, silver
0.22 ohm resistor (10%)
1 Mohm resistor Brown, black, green, silver
1Mohm resistor (10%)
10 Mohm resistor Brown, black, blue, silver
10Mohm resistor (10%)
4.7 Mohm resistor Yellow, violet, green, silver
4.7Mohm resistor (10%)

More color code examples: E24 (5%) and E48 (2%) series resistors.

Tip: Use our 4 and 5 band resistor color code calculator for a simple and easy way to determine the value of your color-coded resistors.


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