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Resistor color code examples

1kΩ to 8.2kΩ resistors

E12 (10%) series resistors from 1 kohm to 8.2 kohms:
1k (1KK), 1.2k (1K2K), 1.5k (1K5K), 1.8k (1K8K), 2.2k (2K2K), 2.7k (2K7K), 3.3k (3K3K), 3.9k (3K9K), 4.7k (4K7K), 5.6k (5K6K), 6.8k (6K8K), 8.2k (8K2K)

1 kohm resistor Brown, black, red, silver
1 kohm
1.2 kohm resistor Brown, red, red, silver
1.2 kohm
1.5 kohm resistor Brown, green, red, silver
1.5 kohm
1.8 kohm resistor Brown, gray, red, silver
1.8 kohm
2.2 kohm resistor Red, red, red, silver
2.2 kohm
2.7 kohm resistor Red, violet, red, silver
2.7 kohm
3.3 kohm resistor Orange, orange, red, silver
3.3 kohm
3.9 kohm resistor Orange, white, red, silver
3.9 kohm
4.7 kohm resistor Yellow, violet, red, silver
4.7 kohm
5.6 kohm resistor Green, blue, red, silver
5.6 kohm
6.8 kohm resistor Blue, gray, red, silver
6.8 kohm
8.2 kohm resistor Gray, red, red, silver
8.2 kohm

Note: all resistors above have a silver tolerance band (10% tolerance). 10% resistors are rarely used today - see this page for a list of the more commonly used 5% (gold tolerance band) resistors.


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