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Where to buy capacitors

A selection of online stores selling capacitors:

MCMelectronics.com has a wide selection of capacitors: ceramic disc, molded, surface mount capacitors, polarized and non-polarized axial and radial electrolytic capacitors. They also sell audio-grade metalized polypropylene film capacitors and special caps for motor-run and motor-start applications. The store carries a few excellent capacitor kits as well.

Radioshack.com: ceramic disc, metal film, polyester film and electrolytic capacitors.

Parts-Express.com: ceramic disc capacitors, polarized, non polarized, sub-miniature and high temperature electrolytic capacitors, polyester film and polypropylene caps. They also carry a wide selection of crossover capacitors from simple non-polarized electrolytic caps to special high quality capacitors for all of your loudspeaker and audio projects, such as: Audio Cap Theta Poly Film, Auricap Metallized Film, Dayton Metallized 1% Polypropylene, Dayton Film & Foil Polypropylene, Jantzen CrossCap, Kimber Kap Metallized and Solen Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors.

Ebay.com: Search for capacitors here, or use the search box below:

There are a lot of electronic components for sale on Ebay but the offers are short-lived, so use the search box on the left for the most current listings. I will only mention a few kits providing the best value for money at the time of this writing. For example, this assortment of 335 radial electrolytic capacitors with 29 different values, from 0.22uF to 4700uF, this ceramic disc capacitors kit containing 1000pcs with 50 different values from 1pF to 0.1uF and this 100 piece 50V mylar capacitor kit containing 15 values from 10nF to 0.68uF.

Maplin.co.uk (UK): has a few kits and a large selection of capacitors: ceramic, polyester, mylar, polypropylene, double layer, electrolytic, class X2, class Y2 and variable capacitors.

Rapidonline.com (UK) capacitors: axial and radial electrolytic, ceramic, polystyrene, polyester, mica, polypropylene, tantalum, memory backup, motor run, suppression and variable capacitors.

Other stores: Amazon, Farnell (UK), Digi-Key, Frys, Mouser...