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Audio Power Amplifiers with TDA2040

TDA2040 IC

The TDA2040 is an audio class AB amplifier in Pentawatt package, providing 22W output power (d=0.5%) at Vs = 32V/4Ω. The IC provides high output current with very low harmonic and cross-over distortion. The device incorporates a patented short circuit protection system automatically limiting the dissipated power and keeping the working point of the output transistors within their safe operating area.

Vs - Supply Voltage: 20 V
Vi - Differential Input Voltage: 15 V
Io- Output Peak Current (internally limited) 4 A
Ptot - Power Dissipation at Tcase = 75 C: 25 W
Tstg, Tj - Storage and Junction Temp. -40 to 150C

Audio amplifier schematics with TDA2040

Audio Amplifier with TDA2040

Fig 1: TDA2040 - 20W Amplifier with Split Power Supply

30W Bridge Audio Amplifier 2 x TDA2040

Fig 1: 30W Audio Amplifier with 2 TDA2040

Vs= +/-16v
Po=30W (d=0.5%)

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