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E48 series resistors

Color code, range and shorthand notation

The following is a really long list of all E48 series resistors - from 0.10 ohm to 10.0 M ohms - with the shorthand notation, tolerance range and color code.

The 5th band is always red (2% tolerance) for the E48 series. A 6th band may be present, indicating the reliability or the temperature coefficient. See also the theory behind the standard resistor color coding and the 3, 4 and 5 bands resistor color code calculator.

Value [Ω] Shorthand Color bands (2% tolerance) Range (2%) [Ω]
0.1 R1 Black, brown, black, silver, red 0.098Ω - 0.102Ω
0.105 R105 - 0.098Ω - 0.102Ω
0.11 R11 Black, brown, brown, silver, red 0.1078Ω - 0.1122Ω
0.115 R115 - 0.1078Ω - 0.1122Ω
0.121 R121 - 0.1176Ω - 0.1224Ω
0.127 R127 - 0.1176Ω - 0.1224Ω
0.133 R133 - 0.1274Ω - 0.1326Ω
0.14 R14 Black, brown, yellow, silver, red 0.1372Ω - 0.1428Ω
0.147 R147 - 0.1372Ω - 0.1428Ω
0.154 R154 - 0.147Ω - 0.153Ω
0.162 R162 - 0.1568Ω - 0.1632Ω
0.169 R169 - 0.1568Ω - 0.1632Ω
0.178 R178 - 0.1666Ω - 0.1734Ω
0.187 R187 - 0.1764Ω - 0.1836Ω
0.196 R196 - 0.1862Ω - 0.1938Ω
0.205 R205 - 0.196Ω - 0.204Ω
0.215 R215 - 0.2058Ω - 0.2142Ω
0.226 R226 - 0.2156Ω - 0.2244Ω
0.237 R237 - 0.2254Ω - 0.2346Ω
0.249 R249 - 0.2352Ω - 0.2448Ω
0.261 R261 - 0.2548Ω - 0.2652Ω
0.274 R274 - 0.2646Ω - 0.2754Ω
0.287 R287 - 0.2744Ω - 0.2856Ω
0.301 R301 - 0.294Ω - 0.306Ω
0.316 R316 - 0.3038Ω - 0.3162Ω
0.332 R332 - 0.3234Ω - 0.3366Ω
0.348 R348 - 0.3332Ω - 0.3468Ω
0.365 R365 - 0.3528Ω - 0.3672Ω
0.383 R383 - 0.3724Ω - 0.3876Ω
0.402 R402 - 0.392Ω - 0.408Ω
0.422 R422 - 0.4116Ω - 0.4284Ω
0.442 R442 - 0.4312Ω - 0.4488Ω
0.464 R464 - 0.4508Ω - 0.4692Ω
0.487 R487 - 0.4704Ω - 0.4896Ω
0.511 R511 - 0.4998Ω - 0.5202Ω
0.536 R536 - 0.5194Ω - 0.5406Ω
0.562 R562 - 0.5488Ω - 0.5712Ω
0.59 R59 Black, green, white, silver, red 0.5782Ω - 0.6018Ω
0.619 R619 - 0.5978Ω - 0.6222Ω
0.649 R649 - 0.6272Ω - 0.6528Ω
0.681 R681 - 0.6664Ω - 0.6936Ω
0.715 R715 - 0.6958Ω - 0.7242Ω
0.75 R75 Black, violet, green, silver, red 0.735Ω - 0.765Ω
0.787 R787 - 0.7644Ω - 0.7956Ω
0.825 R825 - 0.8036Ω - 0.8364Ω
0.866 R866 - 0.8428Ω - 0.8772Ω
0.909 R909 - 0.882Ω - 0.918Ω
0.953 R953 - 0.931Ω - 0.969Ω
1 1R Brown, black, black, silver, red 0.98Ω - 1.02Ω
1.05 1R05 Brown, black, green, silver, red 1.029Ω - 1.071Ω
1.1 1R1 Brown, brown, black, silver, red 1.078Ω - 1.122Ω
1.15 1R15 Brown, brown, green, silver, red 1.127Ω - 1.173Ω
1.21 1R21 Brown, red, brown, silver, red 1.1858Ω - 1.2342Ω
1.27 1R27 Brown, red, violet, silver, red 1.2446Ω - 1.2954Ω
1.33 1R33 Brown, orange, orange, silver, red 1.3034Ω - 1.3566Ω
1.4 1R4 Brown, yellow, black, silver, red 1.372Ω - 1.428Ω
1.47 1R47 Brown, yellow, violet, silver, red 1.4406Ω - 1.4994Ω
1.54 1R54 Brown, green, yellow, silver, red 1.5092Ω - 1.5708Ω
1.62 1R62 Brown, blue, red, silver, red 1.5876Ω - 1.6524Ω
1.69 1R69 Brown, blue, white, silver, red 1.6562Ω - 1.7238Ω
1.78 1R78 Brown, violet, gray, silver, red 1.7444Ω - 1.8156Ω
1.87 1R87 Brown, gray, violet, silver, red 1.8326Ω - 1.9074Ω
1.96 1R96 Brown, white, blue, silver, red 1.9208Ω - 1.9992Ω
2.05 2R05 Red, black, green, silver, red 2.009Ω - 2.091Ω
2.15 2R15 Red, brown, green, silver, red 2.107Ω - 2.193Ω
2.26 2R26 Red, red, blue, silver, red 2.2148Ω - 2.3052Ω
2.37 2R37 Red, orange, violet, silver, red 2.3226Ω - 2.4174Ω
2.49 2R49 Red, yellow, white, silver, red 2.4402Ω - 2.5398Ω
2.61 2R61 Red, blue, brown, silver, red 2.5578Ω - 2.6622Ω
2.74 2R74 Red, violet, yellow, silver, red 2.6852Ω - 2.7948Ω
2.87 2R87 Red, gray, violet, silver, red 2.8126Ω - 2.9274Ω
3.01 3R01 Orange, black, brown, silver, red 2.9498Ω - 3.0702Ω
3.16 3R16 Orange, brown, blue, silver, red 3.0968Ω - 3.2232Ω
3.32 3R32 Orange, orange, red, silver, red 3.2536Ω - 3.3864Ω
3.48 3R48 Orange, yellow, gray, silver, red 3.4104Ω - 3.5496Ω
3.65 3R65 Orange, blue, green, silver, red 3.577Ω - 3.723Ω
3.83 3R83 Orange, gray, orange, silver, red 3.7534Ω - 3.9066Ω
4.02 4R02 Yellow, black, red, silver, red 3.9396Ω - 4.1004Ω
4.22 4R22 Yellow, red, red, silver, red 4.1356Ω - 4.3044Ω
4.42 4R42 Yellow, yellow, red, silver, red 4.3316Ω - 4.5084Ω
4.64 4R64 Yellow, blue, yellow, silver, red 4.5472Ω - 4.7328Ω
4.87 4R87 Yellow, gray, violet, silver, red 4.7726Ω - 4.9674Ω
5.11 5R11 Green, brown, brown, silver, red 5.0078Ω - 5.2122Ω
5.36 5R36 Green, orange, blue, silver, red 5.2528Ω - 5.4672Ω
5.62 5R62 Green, blue, red, silver, red 5.5076Ω - 5.7324Ω
5.9 5R9 Green, white, black, silver, red 5.782Ω - 6.018Ω
6.19 6R19 Blue, brown, white, silver, red 6.0662Ω - 6.3138Ω
6.49 6R49 Blue, yellow, white, silver, red 6.3602Ω - 6.6198Ω
6.81 6R81 Blue, gray, brown, silver, red 6.6738Ω - 6.9462Ω
7.15 7R15 Violet, brown, green, silver, red 7.007Ω - 7.293Ω
7.5 7R5 Violet, green, black, silver, red 7.35Ω - 7.65Ω
7.87 7R87 Violet, gray, violet, silver, red 7.7126Ω - 8.0274Ω
8.25 8R25 Gray, red, green, silver, red 8.085Ω - 8.415Ω
8.66 8R66 Gray, blue, blue, silver, red 8.4868Ω - 8.8332Ω
9.09 9R09 White, black, white, silver, red 8.9082Ω - 9.2718Ω
9.53 9R53 White, green, orange, silver, red 9.3394Ω - 9.7206Ω
10 10R Brown, black, black, gold, red 9.8Ω - 10.2Ω
10.5 10R5 Brown, black, green, gold, red 10.29Ω - 10.71Ω
11 11R Brown, brown, black, gold, red 10.78Ω - 11.22Ω
11.5 11R5 Brown, brown, green, gold, red 11.27Ω - 11.73Ω
12.1 12R1 Brown, red, brown, gold, red 11.858Ω - 12.342Ω
12.7 12R7 Brown, red, violet, gold, red 12.446Ω - 12.954Ω
13.3 13R3 Brown, orange, orange, gold, red 13.034Ω - 13.566Ω
14 14R Brown, yellow, black, gold, red 13.72Ω - 14.28Ω
14.7 14R7 Brown, yellow, violet, gold, red 14.406Ω - 14.994Ω
15.4 15R4 Brown, green, yellow, gold, red 15.092Ω - 15.708Ω
16.2 16R2 Brown, blue, red, gold, red 15.876Ω - 16.524Ω
16.9 16R9 Brown, blue, white, gold, red 16.562Ω - 17.238Ω
17.8 17R8 Brown, violet, gray, gold, red 17.444Ω - 18.156Ω
18.7 18R7 Brown, gray, violet, gold, red 18.326Ω - 19.074Ω
19.6 19R6 Brown, white, blue, gold, red 19.208Ω - 19.992Ω
20.5 20R5 Red, black, green, gold, red 20.09Ω - 20.91Ω
21.5 21R5 Red, brown, green, gold, red 21.07Ω - 21.93Ω
22.6 22R6 Red, red, blue, gold, red 22.148Ω - 23.052Ω
23.7 23R7 Red, orange, violet, gold, red 23.226Ω - 24.174Ω
24.9 24R9 Red, yellow, white, gold, red 24.402Ω - 25.398Ω
26.1 26R1 Red, blue, brown, gold, red 25.578Ω - 26.622Ω
27.4 27R4 Red, violet, yellow, gold, red 26.852Ω - 27.948Ω
28.7 28R7 Red, gray, violet, gold, red 28.126Ω - 29.274Ω
30.1 30R1 Orange, black, brown, gold, red 29.498Ω - 30.702Ω
31.6 31R6 Orange, brown, blue, gold, red 30.968Ω - 32.232Ω
33.2 33R2 Orange, orange, red, gold, red 32.536Ω - 33.864Ω
34.8 34R8 Orange, yellow, gray, gold, red 34.104Ω - 35.496Ω
36.5 36R5 Orange, blue, green, gold, red 35.77Ω - 37.23Ω
38.3 38R3 Orange, gray, orange, gold, red 37.534Ω - 39.066Ω
40.2 40R2 Yellow, black, red, gold, red 39.396Ω - 41.004Ω
42.2 42R2 Yellow, red, red, gold, red 41.356Ω - 43.044Ω
44.2 44R2 Yellow, yellow, red, gold, red 43.316Ω - 45.084Ω
46.4 46R4 Yellow, blue, yellow, gold, red 45.472Ω - 47.328Ω
48.7 48R7 Yellow, gray, violet, gold, red 47.726Ω - 49.674Ω
51.1 51R1 Green, brown, brown, gold, red 50.078Ω - 52.122Ω
53.6 53R6 Green, orange, blue, gold, red 52.528Ω - 54.672Ω
56.2 56R2 Green, blue, red, gold, red 55.076Ω - 57.324Ω
59 59R Green, white, black, gold, red 57.82Ω - 60.18Ω
61.9 61R9 Blue, brown, white, gold, red 60.662Ω - 63.138Ω
64.9 64R9 Blue, yellow, white, gold, red 63.602Ω - 66.198Ω
68.1 68R1 Blue, gray, brown, gold, red 66.738Ω - 69.462Ω
71.5 71R5 Violet, brown, green, gold, red 70.07Ω - 72.93Ω
75 75R Violet, green, black, gold, red 73.5Ω - 76.5Ω
78.7 78R7 Violet, gray, violet, gold, red 77.126Ω - 80.274Ω
82.5 82R5 Gray, red, green, gold, red 80.85Ω - 84.15Ω
86.6 86R6 Gray, blue, blue, gold, red 84.868Ω - 88.332Ω
90.9 90R9 White, black, white, gold, red 89.082Ω - 92.718Ω
95.3 95R3 White, green, orange, gold, red 93.394Ω - 97.206Ω
100 100R Brown, black, black, black, red 98Ω - 102Ω
105 105R Brown, black, green, black, red 102.9Ω - 107.1Ω
110 110R Brown, brown, black, black, red 107.8Ω - 112.2Ω
115 115R Brown, brown, green, black, red 112.7Ω - 117.3Ω
121 121R Brown, red, brown, black, red 118.58Ω - 123.42Ω
127 127R Brown, red, violet, black, red 124.46Ω - 129.54Ω
133 133R Brown, orange, orange, black, red 130.34Ω - 135.66Ω
140 140R Brown, yellow, black, black, red 137.2Ω - 142.8Ω
147 147R Brown, yellow, violet, black, red 144.06Ω - 149.94Ω
154 154R Brown, green, yellow, black, red 150.92Ω - 157.08Ω
162 162R Brown, blue, red, black, red 158.76Ω - 165.24Ω
169 169R Brown, blue, white, black, red 165.62Ω - 172.38Ω
178 178R Brown, violet, gray, black, red 174.44Ω - 181.56Ω
187 187R Brown, gray, violet, black, red 183.26Ω - 190.74Ω
196 196R Brown, white, blue, black, red 192.08Ω - 199.92Ω
205 205R Red, black, green, black, red 200.9Ω - 209.1Ω
215 215R Red, brown, green, black, red 210.7Ω - 219.3Ω
226 226R Red, red, blue, black, red 221.48Ω - 230.52Ω
237 237R Red, orange, violet, black, red 232.26Ω - 241.74Ω
249 249R Red, yellow, white, black, red 244.02Ω - 253.98Ω
261 261R Red, blue, brown, black, red 255.78Ω - 266.22Ω
274 274R Red, violet, yellow, black, red 268.52Ω - 279.48Ω
287 287R Red, gray, violet, black, red 281.26Ω - 292.74Ω
301 301R Orange, black, brown, black, red 294.98Ω - 307.02Ω
316 316R Orange, brown, blue, black, red 309.68Ω - 322.32Ω
332 332R Orange, orange, red, black, red 325.36Ω - 338.64Ω
348 348R Orange, yellow, gray, black, red 341.04Ω - 354.96Ω
365 365R Orange, blue, green, black, red 357.7Ω - 372.3Ω
383 383R Orange, gray, orange, black, red 375.34Ω - 390.66Ω
402 402R Yellow, black, red, black, red 393.96Ω - 410.04Ω
422 422R Yellow, red, red, black, red 413.56Ω - 430.44Ω
442 442R Yellow, yellow, red, black, red 433.16Ω - 450.84Ω
464 464R Yellow, blue, yellow, black, red 454.72Ω - 473.28Ω
487 487R Yellow, gray, violet, black, red 477.26Ω - 496.74Ω
511 511R Green, brown, brown, black, red 500.78Ω - 521.22Ω
536 536R Green, orange, blue, black, red 525.28Ω - 546.72Ω
562 562R Green, blue, red, black, red 550.76Ω - 573.24Ω
590 590R Green, white, black, black, red 578.2Ω - 601.8Ω
619 619R Blue, brown, white, black, red 606.62Ω - 631.38Ω
649 649R Blue, yellow, white, black, red 636.02Ω - 661.98Ω
681 681R Blue, gray, brown, black, red 667.38Ω - 694.62Ω
715 715R Violet, brown, green, black, red 700.7Ω - 729.3Ω
750 750R Violet, green, black, black, red 735Ω - 765Ω
787 787R Violet, gray, violet, black, red 771.26Ω - 802.74Ω
825 825R Gray, red, green, black, red 808.5Ω - 841.5Ω
866 866R Gray, blue, blue, black, red 848.68Ω - 883.32Ω
909 909R White, black, white, black, red 890.82Ω - 927.18Ω
953 953R White, green, orange, black, red 933.94Ω - 972.06Ω
1k 1K Brown, black, black, brown, red 980Ω - 1.02kΩ
1.05k 1K05 Brown, black, green, brown, red 1.029kΩ - 1.071kΩ
1.1k 1K1 Brown, brown, black, brown, red 1.078kΩ - 1.122kΩ
1.15k 1K15 Brown, brown, green, brown, red 1.127kΩ - 1.173kΩ
1.21k 1K21 Brown, red, brown, brown, red 1.1858kΩ - 1.2342kΩ
1.27k 1K27 Brown, red, violet, brown, red 1.2446kΩ - 1.2954kΩ
1.33k 1K33 Brown, orange, orange, brown, red 1.3034kΩ - 1.3566kΩ
1.4k 1K4 Brown, yellow, black, brown, red 1.372kΩ - 1.428kΩ
1.47k 1K47 Brown, yellow, violet, brown, red 1.4406kΩ - 1.4994kΩ
1.54k 1K54 Brown, green, yellow, brown, red 1.5092kΩ - 1.5708kΩ
1.62k 1K62 Brown, blue, red, brown, red 1.5876kΩ - 1.6524kΩ
1.69k 1K69 Brown, blue, white, brown, red 1.6562kΩ - 1.7238kΩ
1.78k 1K78 Brown, violet, gray, brown, red 1.7444kΩ - 1.8156kΩ
1.87k 1K87 Brown, gray, violet, brown, red 1.8326kΩ - 1.9074kΩ
1.96k 1K96 Brown, white, blue, brown, red 1.9208kΩ - 1.9992kΩ
2.05k 2K05 Red, black, green, brown, red 2.009kΩ - 2.091kΩ
2.15k 2K15 Red, brown, green, brown, red 2.107kΩ - 2.193kΩ
2.26k 2K26 Red, red, blue, brown, red 2.2148kΩ - 2.3052kΩ
2.37k 2K37 Red, orange, violet, brown, red 2.3226kΩ - 2.4174kΩ
2.49k 2K49 Red, yellow, white, brown, red 2.4402kΩ - 2.5398kΩ
2.61k 2K61 Red, blue, brown, brown, red 2.5578kΩ - 2.6622kΩ
2.74k 2K74 Red, violet, yellow, brown, red 2.6852kΩ - 2.7948kΩ
2.87k 2K87 Red, gray, violet, brown, red 2.8126kΩ - 2.9274kΩ
3.01k 3K01 Orange, black, brown, brown, red 2.9498kΩ - 3.0702kΩ
3.16k 3K16 Orange, brown, blue, brown, red 3.0968kΩ - 3.2232kΩ
3.32k 3K32 Orange, orange, red, brown, red 3.2536kΩ - 3.3864kΩ
3.48k 3K48 Orange, yellow, gray, brown, red 3.4104kΩ - 3.5496kΩ
3.65k 3K65 Orange, blue, green, brown, red 3.577kΩ - 3.723kΩ
3.83k 3K83 Orange, gray, orange, brown, red 3.7534kΩ - 3.9066kΩ
4.02k 4K02 Yellow, black, red, brown, red 3.9396kΩ - 4.1004kΩ
4.22k 4K22 Yellow, red, red, brown, red 4.1356kΩ - 4.3044kΩ
4.42k 4K42 Yellow, yellow, red, brown, red 4.3316kΩ - 4.5084kΩ
4.64k 4K64 Yellow, blue, yellow, brown, red 4.5472kΩ - 4.7328kΩ
4.87k 4K87 Yellow, gray, violet, brown, red 4.7726kΩ - 4.9674kΩ
5.11k 5K11 Green, brown, brown, brown, red 5.0078kΩ - 5.2122kΩ
5.36k 5K36 Green, orange, blue, brown, red 5.2528kΩ - 5.4672kΩ
5.62k 5K62 Green, blue, red, brown, red 5.5076kΩ - 5.7324kΩ
5.9k 5K9 Green, white, black, brown, red 5.782kΩ - 6.018kΩ
6.19k 6K19 Blue, brown, white, brown, red 6.0662kΩ - 6.3138kΩ
6.49k 6K49 Blue, yellow, white, brown, red 6.3602kΩ - 6.6198kΩ
6.81k 6K81 Blue, gray, brown, brown, red 6.6738kΩ - 6.9462kΩ
7.15k 7K15 Violet, brown, green, brown, red 7.007kΩ - 7.293kΩ
7.5k 7K5 Violet, green, black, brown, red 7.35kΩ - 7.65kΩ
7.87k 7K87 Violet, gray, violet, brown, red 7.7126kΩ - 8.0274kΩ
8.25k 8K25 Gray, red, green, brown, red 8.085kΩ - 8.415kΩ
8.66k 8K66 Gray, blue, blue, brown, red 8.4868kΩ - 8.8332kΩ
9.09k 9K09 White, black, white, brown, red 8.9082kΩ - 9.2718kΩ
9.53k 9K53 White, green, orange, brown, red 9.3394kΩ - 9.7206kΩ
10k 10K Brown, black, black, red, red 9.8kΩ - 10.2kΩ
10.5k 10K5 Brown, black, green, red, red 10.29kΩ - 10.71kΩ
11k 11K Brown, brown, black, red, red 10.78kΩ - 11.22kΩ
11.5k 11K5 Brown, brown, green, red, red 11.27kΩ - 11.73kΩ
12.1k 12K1 Brown, red, brown, red, red 11.858kΩ - 12.342kΩ
12.7k 12K7 Brown, red, violet, red, red 12.446kΩ - 12.954kΩ
13.3k 13K3 Brown, orange, orange, red, red 13.034kΩ - 13.566kΩ
14k 14K Brown, yellow, black, red, red 13.72kΩ - 14.28kΩ
14.7k 14K7 Brown, yellow, violet, red, red 14.406kΩ - 14.994kΩ
15.4k 15K4 Brown, green, yellow, red, red 15.092kΩ - 15.708kΩ
16.2k 16K2 Brown, blue, red, red, red 15.876kΩ - 16.524kΩ
16.9k 16K9 Brown, blue, white, red, red 16.562kΩ - 17.238kΩ
17.8k 17K8 Brown, violet, gray, red, red 17.444kΩ - 18.156kΩ
18.7k 18K7 Brown, gray, violet, red, red 18.326kΩ - 19.074kΩ
19.6k 19K6 Brown, white, blue, red, red 19.208kΩ - 19.992kΩ
20.5k 20K5 Red, black, green, red, red 20.09kΩ - 20.91kΩ
21.5k 21K5 Red, brown, green, red, red 21.07kΩ - 21.93kΩ
22.6k 22K6 Red, red, blue, red, red 22.148kΩ - 23.052kΩ
23.7k 23K7 Red, orange, violet, red, red 23.226kΩ - 24.174kΩ
24.9k 24K9 Red, yellow, white, red, red 24.402kΩ - 25.398kΩ
26.1k 26K1 Red, blue, brown, red, red 25.578kΩ - 26.622kΩ
27.4k 27K4 Red, violet, yellow, red, red 26.852kΩ - 27.948kΩ
28.7k 28K7 Red, gray, violet, red, red 28.126kΩ - 29.274kΩ
30.1k 30K1 Orange, black, brown, red, red 29.498kΩ - 30.702kΩ
31.6k 31K6 Orange, brown, blue, red, red 30.968kΩ - 32.232kΩ
33.2k 33K2 Orange, orange, red, red, red 32.536kΩ - 33.864kΩ
34.8k 34K8 Orange, yellow, gray, red, red 34.104kΩ - 35.496kΩ
36.5k 36K5 Orange, blue, green, red, red 35.77kΩ - 37.23kΩ
38.3k 38K3 Orange, gray, orange, red, red 37.534kΩ - 39.066kΩ
40.2k 40K2 Yellow, black, red, red, red 39.396kΩ - 41.004kΩ
42.2k 42K2 Yellow, red, red, red, red 41.356kΩ - 43.044kΩ
44.2k 44K2 Yellow, yellow, red, red, red 43.316kΩ - 45.084kΩ
46.4k 46K4 Yellow, blue, yellow, red, red 45.472kΩ - 47.328kΩ
48.7k 48K7 Yellow, gray, violet, red, red 47.726kΩ - 49.674kΩ
51.1k 51K1 Green, brown, brown, red, red 50.078kΩ - 52.122kΩ
53.6k 53K6 Green, orange, blue, red, red 52.528kΩ - 54.672kΩ
56.2k 56K2 Green, blue, red, red, red 55.076kΩ - 57.324kΩ
59k 59K Green, white, black, red, red 57.82kΩ - 60.18kΩ
61.9k 61K9 Blue, brown, white, red, red 60.662kΩ - 63.138kΩ
64.9k 64K9 Blue, yellow, white, red, red 63.602kΩ - 66.198kΩ
68.1k 68K1 Blue, gray, brown, red, red 66.738kΩ - 69.462kΩ
71.5k 71K5 Violet, brown, green, red, red 70.07kΩ - 72.93kΩ
75k 75K Violet, green, black, red, red 73.5kΩ - 76.5kΩ
78.7k 78K7 Violet, gray, violet, red, red 77.126kΩ - 80.274kΩ
82.5k 82K5 Gray, red, green, red, red 80.85kΩ - 84.15kΩ
86.6k 86K6 Gray, blue, blue, red, red 84.868kΩ - 88.332kΩ
90.9k 90K9 White, black, white, red, red 89.082kΩ - 92.718kΩ
95.3k 95K3 White, green, orange, red, red 93.394kΩ - 97.206kΩ
100k 100K Brown, black, black, orange, red 98kΩ - 102kΩ
105k 105K Brown, black, green, orange, red 102.9kΩ - 107.1kΩ
110k 110K Brown, brown, black, orange, red 107.8kΩ - 112.2kΩ
115k 115K Brown, brown, green, orange, red 112.7kΩ - 117.3kΩ
121k 121K Brown, red, brown, orange, red 118.58kΩ - 123.42kΩ
127k 127K Brown, red, violet, orange, red 124.46kΩ - 129.54kΩ
133k 133K Brown, orange, orange, orange, red 130.34kΩ - 135.66kΩ
140k 140K Brown, yellow, black, orange, red 137.2kΩ - 142.8kΩ
147k 147K Brown, yellow, violet, orange, red 144.06kΩ - 149.94kΩ
154k 154K Brown, green, yellow, orange, red 150.92kΩ - 157.08kΩ
162k 162K Brown, blue, red, orange, red 158.76kΩ - 165.24kΩ
169k 169K Brown, blue, white, orange, red 165.62kΩ - 172.38kΩ
178k 178K Brown, violet, gray, orange, red 174.44kΩ - 181.56kΩ
187k 187K Brown, gray, violet, orange, red 183.26kΩ - 190.74kΩ
196k 196K Brown, white, blue, orange, red 192.08kΩ - 199.92kΩ
205k 205K Red, black, green, orange, red 200.9kΩ - 209.1kΩ
215k 215K Red, brown, green, orange, red 210.7kΩ - 219.3kΩ
226k 226K Red, red, blue, orange, red 221.48kΩ - 230.52kΩ
237k 237K Red, orange, violet, orange, red 232.26kΩ - 241.74kΩ
249k 249K Red, yellow, white, orange, red 244.02kΩ - 253.98kΩ
261k 261K Red, blue, brown, orange, red 255.78kΩ - 266.22kΩ
274k 274K Red, violet, yellow, orange, red 268.52kΩ - 279.48kΩ
287k 287K Red, gray, violet, orange, red 281.26kΩ - 292.74kΩ
301k 301K Orange, black, brown, orange, red 294.98kΩ - 307.02kΩ
316k 316K Orange, brown, blue, orange, red 309.68kΩ - 322.32kΩ
332k 332K Orange, orange, red, orange, red 325.36kΩ - 338.64kΩ
348k 348K Orange, yellow, gray, orange, red 341.04kΩ - 354.96kΩ
365k 365K Orange, blue, green, orange, red 357.7kΩ - 372.3kΩ
383k 383K Orange, gray, orange, orange, red 375.34kΩ - 390.66kΩ
402k 402K Yellow, black, red, orange, red 393.96kΩ - 410.04kΩ
422k 422K Yellow, red, red, orange, red 413.56kΩ - 430.44kΩ
442k 442K Yellow, yellow, red, orange, red 433.16kΩ - 450.84kΩ
464k 464K Yellow, blue, yellow, orange, red 454.72kΩ - 473.28kΩ
487k 487K Yellow, gray, violet, orange, red 477.26kΩ - 496.74kΩ
511k 511K Green, brown, brown, orange, red 500.78kΩ - 521.22kΩ
536k 536K Green, orange, blue, orange, red 525.28kΩ - 546.72kΩ
562k 562K Green, blue, red, orange, red 550.76kΩ - 573.24kΩ
590k 590K Green, white, black, orange, red 578.2kΩ - 601.8kΩ
619k 619K Blue, brown, white, orange, red 606.62kΩ - 631.38kΩ
649k 649K Blue, yellow, white, orange, red 636.02kΩ - 661.98kΩ
681k 681K Blue, gray, brown, orange, red 667.38kΩ - 694.62kΩ
715k 715K Violet, brown, green, orange, red 700.7kΩ - 729.3kΩ
750k 750K Violet, green, black, orange, red 735kΩ - 765kΩ
787k 787K Violet, gray, violet, orange, red 771.26kΩ - 802.74kΩ
825k 825K Gray, red, green, orange, red 808.5kΩ - 841.5kΩ
866k 866K Gray, blue, blue, orange, red 848.68kΩ - 883.32kΩ
909k 909K White, black, white, orange, red 890.82kΩ - 927.18kΩ
953k 953K White, green, orange, orange, red 933.94kΩ - 972.06kΩ
1M 1M Brown, black, black, yellow, red 980kΩ - 1.02MΩ
1.05M 1M05 Brown, black, green, yellow, red 1.029MΩ - 1.071MΩ
1.1M 1M1 Brown, brown, black, yellow, red 1.078MΩ - 1.122MΩ
1.15M 1M15 Brown, brown, green, yellow, red 1.127MΩ - 1.173MΩ
1.21M 1M21 Brown, red, brown, yellow, red 1.1858MΩ - 1.2342MΩ
1.27M 1M27 Brown, red, violet, yellow, red 1.2446MΩ - 1.2954MΩ
1.33M 1M33 Brown, orange, orange, yellow, red 1.3034MΩ - 1.3566MΩ
1.4M 1M4 Brown, yellow, black, yellow, red 1.372MΩ - 1.428MΩ
1.47M 1M47 Brown, yellow, violet, yellow, red 1.4406MΩ - 1.4994MΩ
1.54M 1M54 Brown, green, yellow, yellow, red 1.5092MΩ - 1.5708MΩ
1.62M 1M62 Brown, blue, red, yellow, red 1.5876MΩ - 1.6524MΩ
1.69M 1M69 Brown, blue, white, yellow, red 1.6562MΩ - 1.7238MΩ
1.78M 1M78 Brown, violet, gray, yellow, red 1.7444MΩ - 1.8156MΩ
1.87M 1M87 Brown, gray, violet, yellow, red 1.8326MΩ - 1.9074MΩ
1.96M 1M96 Brown, white, blue, yellow, red 1.9208MΩ - 1.9992MΩ
2.05M 2M05 Red, black, green, yellow, red 2.009MΩ - 2.091MΩ
2.15M 2M15 Red, brown, green, yellow, red 2.107MΩ - 2.193MΩ
2.26M 2M26 Red, red, blue, yellow, red 2.2148MΩ - 2.3052MΩ
2.37M 2M37 Red, orange, violet, yellow, red 2.3226MΩ - 2.4174MΩ
2.49M 2M49 Red, yellow, white, yellow, red 2.4402MΩ - 2.5398MΩ
2.61M 2M61 Red, blue, brown, yellow, red 2.5578MΩ - 2.6622MΩ
2.74M 2M74 Red, violet, yellow, yellow, red 2.6852MΩ - 2.7948MΩ
2.87M 2M87 Red, gray, violet, yellow, red 2.8126MΩ - 2.9274MΩ
3.01M 3M01 Orange, black, brown, yellow, red 2.9498MΩ - 3.0702MΩ
3.16M 3M16 Orange, brown, blue, yellow, red 3.0968MΩ - 3.2232MΩ
3.32M 3M32 Orange, orange, red, yellow, red 3.2536MΩ - 3.3864MΩ
3.48M 3M48 Orange, yellow, gray, yellow, red 3.4104MΩ - 3.5496MΩ
3.65M 3M65 Orange, blue, green, yellow, red 3.577MΩ - 3.723MΩ
3.83M 3M83 Orange, gray, orange, yellow, red 3.7534MΩ - 3.9066MΩ
4.02M 4M02 Yellow, black, red, yellow, red 3.9396MΩ - 4.1004MΩ
4.22M 4M22 Yellow, red, red, yellow, red 4.1356MΩ - 4.3044MΩ
4.42M 4M42 Yellow, yellow, red, yellow, red 4.3316MΩ - 4.5084MΩ
4.64M 4M64 Yellow, blue, yellow, yellow, red 4.5472MΩ - 4.7328MΩ
4.87M 4M87 Yellow, gray, violet, yellow, red 4.7726MΩ - 4.9674MΩ
5.11M 5M11 Green, brown, brown, yellow, red 5.0078MΩ - 5.2122MΩ
5.36M 5M36 Green, orange, blue, yellow, red 5.2528MΩ - 5.4672MΩ
5.62M 5M62 Green, blue, red, yellow, red 5.5076MΩ - 5.7324MΩ
5.9M 5M9 Green, white, black, yellow, red 5.782MΩ - 6.018MΩ
6.19M 6M19 Blue, brown, white, yellow, red 6.0662MΩ - 6.3138MΩ
6.49M 6M49 Blue, yellow, white, yellow, red 6.3602MΩ - 6.6198MΩ
6.81M 6M81 Blue, gray, brown, yellow, red 6.6738MΩ - 6.9462MΩ
7.15M 7M15 Violet, brown, green, yellow, red 7.007MΩ - 7.293MΩ
7.5M 7M5 Violet, green, black, yellow, red 7.35MΩ - 7.65MΩ
7.87M 7M87 Violet, gray, violet, yellow, red 7.7126MΩ - 8.0274MΩ
8.25M 8M25 Gray, red, green, yellow, red 8.085MΩ - 8.415MΩ
8.66M 8M66 Gray, blue, blue, yellow, red 8.4868MΩ - 8.8332MΩ
9.09M 9M09 White, black, white, yellow, red 8.9082MΩ - 9.2718MΩ
9.53M 9M53 White, green, orange, yellow, red 9.3394MΩ - 9.7206MΩ
10M 10M Brown, black, blue, gold 9.8MΩ - 10.2MΩ

Note: a few resistors below 1 ohm like 0.105, 0.115, 0.121, etc. can't be represented correctly with the standard 5-band color code. See for yourself:

Ex. 0.121 ohms:

0.12Ω resistor - not 0.121Ω!

- The first band must be black (0)
- second band: brown
- third band: red
- fourth band (multiplier): silver
- fifth band (tolerance): red.

The above equals: 0.12Ω - not what we wanted to represent in the first place.

100 ohm 2% resistor127 ohm 2% resistor1 k ohm 2% resistor5.62 kohm 2% resistor59 kohms 2% resistor

More color code examples: E12 (10%) and E24 (5%) series resistors.

Hobby Electronics -> Resistor color code table -> E48 series resistor examples