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E24 series resistors

Color code, range and shorthand notation

The following is a long list of all E24 series resistors - from 0.1 ohm to 10 M ohms - with the shorthand notation, tolerance range and color code.

The 4th band is always gold (5% tolerance) for the E24 series. A 5th band may be present, indicating the reliability or the temperature coefficient. See also the theory behind resistor color coding and the 3, 4 and 5 bands resistor color to value and value to color code calculator.

Value [Ω] Shorthand Color bands (5% tolerance) Range (5%) [Ω]
0.1 R1 Brown, black, silver, gold 0.095Ω - 0.105Ω
0.11 R11 Brown, brown, silver, gold 0.1045Ω - 0.1155Ω
0.12 R12 Brown, red, silver, gold 0.114Ω - 0.126Ω
0.13 R13 Brown, orange, silver, gold 0.1235Ω - 0.1365Ω
0.15 R15 Brown, green, silver, gold 0.1425Ω - 0.1575Ω
0.16 R16 Brown, blue, silver, gold 0.152Ω - 0.168Ω
0.18 R18 Brown, gray, silver, gold 0.171Ω - 0.189Ω
0.2 R2 Red, black, silver, gold 0.19Ω - 0.21Ω
0.22 R22 Red, red, silver, gold 0.209Ω - 0.231Ω
0.24 R24 Red, yellow, silver, gold 0.228Ω - 0.252Ω
0.27 R27 Red, violet, silver, gold 0.2565Ω - 0.2835Ω
0.3 R3 Orange, black, silver, gold 0.285Ω - 0.315Ω
0.33 R33 Orange, orange, silver, gold 0.3135Ω - 0.3465Ω
0.36 R36 Orange, blue, silver, gold 0.342Ω - 0.378Ω
0.39 R39 Orange, white, silver, gold 0.3705Ω - 0.4095Ω
0.43 R43 Yellow, orange, silver, gold 0.4085Ω - 0.4515Ω
0.47 R47 Yellow, violet, silver, gold 0.4465Ω - 0.4935Ω
0.51 R51 Green, brown, silver, gold 0.4845Ω - 0.5355Ω
0.56 R56 Green, blue, silver, gold 0.532Ω - 0.588Ω
0.62 R62 Blue, red, silver, gold 0.589Ω - 0.651Ω
0.68 R68 Blue, gray, silver, gold 0.646Ω - 0.714Ω
0.75 R75 Violet, green, silver, gold 0.7125Ω - 0.7875Ω
0.82 R82 Gray, red, silver, gold 0.779Ω - 0.861Ω
0.91 R91 White, brown, silver, gold 0.8645Ω - 0.9555Ω
1 1R Brown, black, gold, gold 0.95Ω - 1.05Ω
1.1 1R1 Brown, brown, gold, gold 1.045Ω - 1.155Ω
1.2 1R2 Brown, red, gold, gold 1.14Ω - 1.26Ω
1.3 1R3 Brown, orange, gold, gold 1.235Ω - 1.365Ω
1.5 1R5 Brown, green, gold, gold 1.425Ω - 1.575Ω
1.6 1R6 Brown, blue, gold, gold 1.52Ω - 1.68Ω
1.8 1R8 Brown, gray, gold, gold 1.71Ω - 1.89Ω
2 2R Red, black, gold, gold 1.9Ω - 2.1Ω
2.2 2R2 Red, red, gold, gold 2.09Ω - 2.31Ω
2.4 2R4 Red, yellow, gold, gold 2.28Ω - 2.52Ω
2.7 2R7 Red, violet, gold, gold 2.565Ω - 2.835Ω
3 3R Orange, black, gold, gold 2.85Ω - 3.15Ω
3.3 3R3 Orange, orange, gold, gold 3.135Ω - 3.465Ω
3.6 3R6 Orange, blue, gold, gold 3.42Ω - 3.78Ω
3.9 3R9 Orange, white, gold, gold 3.705Ω - 4.095Ω
4.3 4R3 Yellow, orange, gold, gold 4.085Ω - 4.515Ω
4.7 4R7 Yellow, violet, gold, gold 4.465Ω - 4.935Ω
5.1 5R1 Green, brown, gold, gold 4.845Ω - 5.355Ω
5.6 5R6 Green, blue, gold, gold 5.32Ω - 5.88Ω
6.2 6R2 Blue, red, gold, gold 5.89Ω - 6.51Ω
6.8 6R8 Blue, gray, gold, gold 6.46Ω - 7.14Ω
7.5 7R5 Violet, green, gold, gold 7.125Ω - 7.875Ω
8.2 8R2 Gray, red, gold, gold 7.79Ω - 8.61Ω
9.1 9R1 White, brown, gold, gold 8.645Ω - 9.555Ω
10 10R Brown, black, black, gold 9.5Ω - 10.5Ω
11 11R Brown, brown, black, gold 10.45Ω - 11.55Ω
12 12R Brown, red, black, gold 11.4Ω - 12.6Ω
13 13R Brown, orange, black, gold 12.35Ω - 13.65Ω
15 15R Brown, green, black, gold 14.25Ω - 15.75Ω
16 16R Brown, blue, black, gold 15.2Ω - 16.8Ω
18 18R Brown, gray, black, gold 17.1Ω - 18.9Ω
20 20R Red, black, black, gold 19Ω - 21Ω
22 22R Red, red, black, gold 20.9Ω - 23.1Ω
24 24R Red, yellow, black, gold 22.8Ω - 25.2Ω
27 27R Red, violet, black, gold 25.65Ω - 28.35Ω
30 30R Orange, black, black, gold 28.5Ω - 31.5Ω
33 33R Orange, orange, black, gold 31.35Ω - 34.65Ω
36 36R Orange, blue, black, gold 34.2Ω - 37.8Ω
39 39R Orange, white, black, gold 37.05Ω - 40.95Ω
43 43R Yellow, orange, black, gold 40.85Ω - 45.15Ω
47 47R Yellow, violet, black, gold 44.65Ω - 49.35Ω
51 51R Green, brown, black, gold 48.45Ω - 53.55Ω
56 56R Green, blue, black, gold 53.2Ω - 58.8Ω
62 62R Blue, red, black, gold 58.9Ω - 65.1Ω
68 68R Blue, gray, black, gold 64.6Ω - 71.4Ω
75 75R Violet, green, black, gold 71.25Ω - 78.75Ω
82 82R Gray, red, black, gold 77.9Ω - 86.1Ω
91 91R White, brown, black, gold 86.45Ω - 95.55Ω
100 100R Brown, black, brown, gold 95Ω - 105Ω
110 110R Brown, brown, brown, gold 104.5Ω - 115.5Ω
120 120R Brown, red, brown, gold 114Ω - 126Ω
130 130R Brown, orange, brown, gold 123.5Ω - 136.5Ω
150 150R Brown, green, brown, gold 142.5Ω - 157.5Ω
160 160R Brown, blue, brown, gold 152Ω - 168Ω
180 180R Brown, gray, brown, gold 171Ω - 189Ω
200 200R Red, black, brown, gold 190Ω - 210Ω
220 220R Red, red, brown, gold 209Ω - 231Ω
240 240R Red, yellow, brown, gold 228Ω - 252Ω
270 270R Red, violet, brown, gold 256.5Ω - 283.5Ω
300 300R Orange, black, brown, gold 285Ω - 315Ω
330 330R Orange, orange, brown, gold 313.5Ω - 346.5Ω
360 360R Orange, blue, brown, gold 342Ω - 378Ω
390 390R Orange, white, brown, gold 370.5Ω - 409.5Ω
430 430R Yellow, orange, brown, gold 408.5Ω - 451.5Ω
470 470R Yellow, violet, brown, gold 446.5Ω - 493.5Ω
510 510R Green, brown, brown, gold 484.5Ω - 535.5Ω
560 560R Green, blue, brown, gold 532Ω - 588Ω
620 620R Blue, red, brown, gold 589Ω - 651Ω
680 680R Blue, gray, brown, gold 646Ω - 714Ω
750 750R Violet, green, brown, gold 712.5Ω - 787.5Ω
820 820R Gray, red, brown, gold 779Ω - 861Ω
910 910R White, brown, brown, gold 864.5Ω - 955.5Ω
1k 1K Brown, black, red, gold 950Ω - 1.05kΩ
1.1k 1K1 Brown, brown, red, gold 1.045kΩ - 1.155kΩ
1.2k 1K2 Brown, red, red, gold 1.14kΩ - 1.26kΩ
1.3k 1K3 Brown, orange, red, gold 1.235kΩ - 1.365kΩ
1.5k 1K5 Brown, green, red, gold 1.425kΩ - 1.575kΩ
1.6k 1K6 Brown, blue, red, gold 1.52kΩ - 1.68kΩ
1.8k 1K8 Brown, gray, red, gold 1.71kΩ - 1.89kΩ
2k 2K Red, black, red, gold 1.9kΩ - 2.1kΩ
2.2k 2K2 Red, red, red, gold 2.09kΩ - 2.31kΩ
2.4k 2K4 Red, yellow, red, gold 2.28kΩ - 2.52kΩ
2.7k 2K7 Red, violet, red, gold 2.565kΩ - 2.835kΩ
3k 3K Orange, black, red, gold 2.85kΩ - 3.15kΩ
3.3k 3K3 Orange, orange, red, gold 3.135kΩ - 3.465kΩ
3.6k 3K6 Orange, blue, red, gold 3.42kΩ - 3.78kΩ
3.9k 3K9 Orange, white, red, gold 3.705kΩ - 4.095kΩ
4.3k 4K3 Yellow, orange, red, gold 4.085kΩ - 4.515kΩ
4.7k 4K7 Yellow, violet, red, gold 4.465kΩ - 4.935kΩ
5.1k 5K1 Green, brown, red, gold 4.845kΩ - 5.355kΩ
5.6k 5K6 Green, blue, red, gold 5.32kΩ - 5.88kΩ
6.2k 6K2 Blue, red, red, gold 5.89kΩ - 6.51kΩ
6.8k 6K8 Blue, gray, red, gold 6.46kΩ - 7.14kΩ
7.5k 7K5 Violet, green, red, gold 7.125kΩ - 7.875kΩ
8.2k 8K2 Gray, red, red, gold 7.79kΩ - 8.61kΩ
9.1k 9K1 White, brown, red, gold 8.645kΩ - 9.555kΩ
10k 10K Brown, black, orange, gold 9.5kΩ - 10.5kΩ
11k 11K Brown, brown, orange, gold 10.45kΩ - 11.55kΩ
12k 12K Brown, red, orange, gold 11.4kΩ - 12.6kΩ
13k 13K Brown, orange, orange, gold 12.35kΩ - 13.65kΩ
15k 15K Brown, green, orange, gold 14.25kΩ - 15.75kΩ
16k 16K Brown, blue, orange, gold 15.2kΩ - 16.8kΩ
18k 18K Brown, gray, orange, gold 17.1kΩ - 18.9kΩ
20k 20K Red, black, orange, gold 19kΩ - 21kΩ
22k 22K Red, red, orange, gold 20.9kΩ - 23.1kΩ
24k 24K Red, yellow, orange, gold 22.8kΩ - 25.2kΩ
27k 27K Red, violet, orange, gold 25.65kΩ - 28.35kΩ
30k 30K Orange, black, orange, gold 28.5kΩ - 31.5kΩ
33k 33K Orange, orange, orange, gold 31.35kΩ - 34.65kΩ
36k 36K Orange, blue, orange, gold 34.2kΩ - 37.8kΩ
39k 39K Orange, white, orange, gold 37.05kΩ - 40.95kΩ
43k 43K Yellow, orange, orange, gold 40.85kΩ - 45.15kΩ
47k 47K Yellow, violet, orange, gold 44.65kΩ - 49.35kΩ
51k 51K Green, brown, orange, gold 48.45kΩ - 53.55kΩ
56k 56K Green, blue, orange, gold 53.2kΩ - 58.8kΩ
62k 62K Blue, red, orange, gold 58.9kΩ - 65.1kΩ
68k 68K Blue, gray, orange, gold 64.6kΩ - 71.4kΩ
75k 75K Violet, green, orange, gold 71.25kΩ - 78.75kΩ
82k 82K Gray, red, orange, gold 77.9kΩ - 86.1kΩ
91k 91K White, brown, orange, gold 86.45kΩ - 95.55kΩ
100k 100K Brown, black, yellow, gold 95kΩ - 105kΩ
110k 110K Brown, brown, yellow, gold 104.5kΩ - 115.5kΩ
120k 120K Brown, red, yellow, gold 114kΩ - 126kΩ
130k 130K Brown, orange, yellow, gold 123.5kΩ - 136.5kΩ
150k 150K Brown, green, yellow, gold 142.5kΩ - 157.5kΩ
160k 160K Brown, blue, yellow, gold 152kΩ - 168kΩ
180k 180K Brown, gray, yellow, gold 171kΩ - 189kΩ
200k 200K Red, black, yellow, gold 190kΩ - 210kΩ
220k 220K Red, red, yellow, gold 209kΩ - 231kΩ
240k 240K Red, yellow, yellow, gold 228kΩ - 252kΩ
270k 270K Red, violet, yellow, gold 256.5kΩ - 283.5kΩ
300k 300K Orange, black, yellow, gold 285kΩ - 315kΩ
330k 330K Orange, orange, yellow, gold 313.5kΩ - 346.5kΩ
360k 360K Orange, blue, yellow, gold 342kΩ - 378kΩ
390k 390K Orange, white, yellow, gold 370.5kΩ - 409.5kΩ
430k 430K Yellow, orange, yellow, gold 408.5kΩ - 451.5kΩ
470k 470K Yellow, violet, yellow, gold 446.5kΩ - 493.5kΩ
510k 510K Green, brown, yellow, gold 484.5kΩ - 535.5kΩ
560k 560K Green, blue, yellow, gold 532kΩ - 588kΩ
620k 620K Blue, red, yellow, gold 589kΩ - 651kΩ
680k 680K Blue, gray, yellow, gold 646kΩ - 714kΩ
750k 750K Violet, green, yellow, gold 712.5kΩ - 787.5kΩ
820k 820K Gray, red, yellow, gold 779kΩ - 861kΩ
910k 910K White, brown, yellow, gold 864.5kΩ - 955.5kΩ
1M 1M Brown, black, green, gold 950kΩ - 1.05MΩ
1.1M 1M1 Brown, brown, green, gold 1.045MΩ - 1.155MΩ
1.2M 1M2 Brown, red, green, gold 1.14MΩ - 1.26MΩ
1.3M 1M3 Brown, orange, green, gold 1.235MΩ - 1.365MΩ
1.5M 1M5 Brown, green, green, gold 1.425MΩ - 1.575MΩ
1.6M 1M6 Brown, blue, green, gold 1.52MΩ - 1.68MΩ
1.8M 1M8 Brown, gray, green, gold 1.71MΩ - 1.89MΩ
2M 2M Red, black, green, gold 1.9MΩ - 2.1MΩ
2.2M 2M2 Red, red, green, gold 2.09MΩ - 2.31MΩ
2.4M 2M4 Red, yellow, green, gold 2.28MΩ - 2.52MΩ
2.7M 2M7 Red, violet, green, gold 2.565MΩ - 2.835MΩ
3M 3M Orange, black, green, gold 2.85MΩ - 3.15MΩ
3.3M 3M3 Orange, orange, green, gold 3.135MΩ - 3.465MΩ
3.6M 3M6 Orange, blue, green, gold 3.42MΩ - 3.78MΩ
3.9M 3M9 Orange, white, green, gold 3.705MΩ - 4.095MΩ
4.3M 4M3 Yellow, orange, green, gold 4.085MΩ - 4.515MΩ
4.7M 4M7 Yellow, violet, green, gold 4.465MΩ - 4.935MΩ
5.1M 5M1 Green, brown, green, gold 4.845MΩ - 5.355MΩ
5.6M 5M6 Green, blue, green, gold 5.32MΩ - 5.88MΩ
6.2M 6M2 Blue, red, green, gold 5.89MΩ - 6.51MΩ
6.8M 6M8 Blue, gray, green, gold 6.46MΩ - 7.14MΩ
7.5M 7M5 Violet, green, green, gold 7.125MΩ - 7.875MΩ
8.2M 8M2 Gray, red, green, gold 7.79MΩ - 8.61MΩ
9.1M 9M1 White, brown, green, gold 8.645MΩ - 9.555MΩ
10M 10M Brown, black, blue, gold 9.5MΩ - 10.5MΩ

470 ohm 5% resistor1 kohm 5% resistor5.6 kohm 5% resistor27 kohm 5% resistor100 kohm 5% resistor

More color code examples: E12 (10%) and E48 (2%) series resistors.

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